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GPS Web Tracking supplies a wide variety of GPS related products and services. We combine vehicle and asset based GPS tracking technology with a powerful, easy-to-use online service that helps customers efficiently manage mobile workforce activity as well as secure valuable mobile assets. Our web based platform was designed to give users access to our GPS fleet tracking system through a secure Internet portal with 24-hour access from any Internet-enabled computer.
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Client Testimonials
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GPS Web Tracking, Inc. - Client Testimonials & Case Studies. White Logistic, LLC

    "I have over 60 vehicles including heavy equipment loaders, trucks and bull dozers, GPS Web Tracking is a responsive company that is improving my business in a modern way! My customers feel more secure knowing we are using real-time GPS tracking in our fleet."

    David Hanson, President

State Agency

    "Set with the task of finding an innovative yet reliable GPS vendor to provide our 17 office locations with GPS and RFID location services was surely a long and detailed ordeal. We were recommended to use GPS Web Tracking from a Department of Transportation inside management consultant, and have never been more happy with that recommendation. Having used two prior GPS providers that both came up short, gave us the confidence and allowed us time to do our due diligence before making this important decision.

    GPS Web Tracking implemented their latest GPS technology, RFID locator's and port based inventory management systems to deliver exactly what was requested of them for us to meet newly applied regulatory compliance. After nearly 11 months of use we are recommending this system for use in our remaining 16 office locations with over 120+ mobile assets in each of those locations. We place the utmost confidence in GPS Web Tracking and their ability to deliver 100% of the time."


Broward Meridian

    "Customer Service! What can we say when we need something they get it done. They told us when we were looking for a vendor that this is not an equipment, commodity or lowest price business and they were right! We never realized how much we would request of these guys outside of GPS devices but they are surely there to deliver for us whenever there is a need."

    Mark Carter, President

Ram Construction Enterprises

    "Today we are truly more efficient because of the new GPS systems we implemented. The cost vs. benefit is unbelievable, really an amazing system. We would recommend GPS Web Tracking to anyone."

    Michael Gulleta, Fleet Manager

Magnum Electric

    "Efficiency is the key to our success, and GPS Web Tracking has really delivered for us. We really want to thank your team for helping our company become a well-oiled machine. The tracking systems and daily reports give our management team the tools we never knew we needed to manage our ever growing fleet of now 30+ on call electric trucks. We rely almost entirely on real time tracking now, which has eliminated so many unnecessary phone calls and dispatching issues. Thanks again guys!"

    Stephen Morrile, Administrator

Horizon Trucking & Transport

    "After being required to have GPS to track our largest customers goods, we found GPS Web Tracking through a local competitor. Although we were skeptical to use the same provider our competitor uses, we could not find a comparable Chassis tracking device anywhere. Never the less we are extremely happy with the new mobile trackers, they have saved us from having to install a truck GPS tracker into every one of our vehicles. You guys saved the day!"

    Monica Dvorak, Fleet Manager

Rite-Now Delivery Systems

    "Finally we have a real edge to dispatch our fleet quickly and efficiently. No more calling our drivers to acquire their location, we use GPS Web Tracking's Live-Trak system to continuously monitor our ever growing network of drivers. This has allowed us to manage more pickup and deliveries than ever before and with a less drivers. We believe that we are saving at least 20% on our monthly fuel costs by dispatching the closest drivers to the pickup and delivery locations. Thank you."

    Roberto Sanchez, VP

Diamond Equipment Rental

    "GPS Web Tracking really delivers, they really took the time to learn our business and have given us the tools we need to manage hundreds of pieces of offsite rental equipment. Tools that we were not aware of and did not have with our previous GPS provider."

    Lori Clark, Administrator

Colton Machinery

    "These guys gave us a way to prevent incorrect usage of our equipment, which has almost totally eliminated unnecessary maintenance to our machinery. Monitoring systems such as temperature for overheating prevention and allowable continuous run time. Big savings, thank you Jesse."

    Jesse Anderson, CEO

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