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Retail & Consumer Solutions
Vehicle and Personal Tracking for Individuals

We offer personal solutions designed to provide security and peace of mind whether you're looking to monitor your teen's driving habits, protect your vehicle from theft, or track your children to and from school and with automatic email and text alerts they are always as close as your laptop or PDA.

Retail & Consumer Solutions - Vehicle and Personal Tracking for Individuals
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Our Solutions
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Retail and Consumer Solutions

Personal GPS solutions are designed to provide security for those things most important to our customers whether that is a teen out on the road, a child walking to school, or a classic Corvette in the driveway.

PTS - Personal Tracker

With much of the same functionality as our commercial grade solutions, GPS Web Tracking's versatile Personal Tracking Solution (PTS) is one of the most complete consumer solutions on the market. Our main focus with the PTS solution is to give customers piece of mind by keeping their loved ones a click away.

Real Time Tracking: Real time GPS tracking gives the PTS solution the accuracy and response time you need in an emergency.

Web Based Platform: Gives our PTS solution the convenience of no software to install and the flexibility to log on from any computer with internet access.

Geo-fence Alerts: Set geo-fence areas like home, work, and school and be notified by email or text when the unit enters or exits the area.

Panic Button: Send panic alerts via text and email directly from the unit in the case of a lost child or disabled vehicle.

Travel History: Gives you the option to go back and track your unit's history and rediscover a the location of a forgotten restaurant or catch your teen sneaking late night rides in the family car.

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