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City, State & Local Government
State Agency Solutions

Providing secure GPS solutions to meet the specific needs of City, State & Local Governments for Police, Fire, Rescue & Waste Management tracking services. We give city officials & managers the tools & services they need to manage their employees & departments efficiently.

City, State & Local Government - State Agency Solutions
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City, State & Local Government

City, state and local governments create a very specific challenge when attempting to implement a GPS solution from their strict purchasing requirements to their individualized operating procedures. We carry a wide array of GPS products and services which can be customized for each city's needs and the experience to implement it within any structure.

Along with the standard GPS benefits found in the private sector, City Governments have many departments which operate fleets and can benefit from a wide variety of custom GPS solutions. Because these departments offer separate services and functions, they each can benefit in very specific ways.

Real time GPS tracking systems help avoid unnecessary litigation. Precise historical tracking data can be reviewed and used by legal counsel to settle and dismiss false or frivolous claims against the city, state or employees and officials. We aid the departments by giving them up to 7 years of data for each and every vehicle with a real time locator.

Police: Our GPS live tracking gives departments the ability to view the exact location of each police vehicle in real time increasing the safety of their officers and reducing 911 dispatching and arrival times. Our mapping and reporting features enables the police department to analyze police vehicle movements for training purposes and ultimately enhance their coverage of the community. Our asset tracking solutions will enable police departments to track emergency equipment as well as the ability to covertly track criminals and stolen packages.

Fire Rescue: Our GPS mapping and locator systems help cities integrate their fire trucks, ambulances, chiefs' cars, ladder trucks, and heavy rescue vehicles. This allows dispatchers to track and manage each department's vehicles and fleets in order to work together and provide for highly efficient dispatching in the event of a mutual aid incident.

Waste Management: Our GPS fleet management of sanitation trucks has many benefits. GPS mapping helps supervisors with the construction of pick up routes. Driver management and evaluation tools help improve route completion times and decrease routing errors. Live tracking increases dispatching efficiency for missed or special pickups, navigating traffic blockages, and response times to vehicle breakdowns.

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