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Chassis, Cargo & Marine Tracking - Monitoring Cargo, Trailers & Valuable Equipment Chassis, Cargo & Marine Tracking
ICT Solution - Intermodal Chassis Tracker

We provide tracking solutions to meet the unique challenges of any asset environment from highway trucking chassis and high value cargo, to on-site construction and heavy equipment, to boats, personal watercraft and trailers in your back yard or marinas. We give you the tools to instantly locate and remotely monitor any personal or business asset as well as increase response and recovery times with instant text and email alerts in the event of theft or unauthorized use.

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GPS Web Tracking - Chassis, Trailer & Cargo GPS Web Tracking - Marine GPS Web Tracking - Heavy Construction Equipment

Chassis, Cargo, and Marine Tracking

Tracking commercial assets poses unique challenges for today's businesses. They typically represent valuable equipment that is in many cases are located off site with limited off hour supervision. In the case of chassis, trailers, and boats, they are parked or stored for a large percentage of the time and have limited battery power or in some cases no power source at all. GPS Web Tracking's custom asset tracking solutions targets and overcomes these operational challenges in order to provide our customers with valuable asset management and security tools to optimize the usage of these valuable resources.

ICT - Intermodal Chassis Tracker

The ICT solution was developed to be a viable low cost, portable, self-powered, Real-Time GPS tracker which provides owners and operators of intermodal chassis the essential information needed to efficiently manage chassis assets, secure high value cargo, increase dispatching capabilities, and optimize chassis maintenance and performance all on a flexible web based platform.

Unit Features

The self-contained GPS Module was designed specifically for the demands of the chassis environment and represents a new direction in intermodal chassis tracking.

Durability: The military grade weather proof, air tight, impact resistant casing is built to the highest durability standards in the market and the unit is self-contained so there are no external components to be damaged in the challenging chassis environment.

Portability: Portability gives the chassis tracker great value by allowing an operational flexibility and efficiency not seen in other solutions. It ensures that companies don't waste their resources tracking chassis out of operation while the powerful magnet mounting array and tamper resistance measures covers any concerns of safety or security.

Power Management: One of the strengths of the ICT is the battery management system which is a combination of a powerful long life replacement battery pack used in connection with a low consumption sleep mode created through a combination of proprietary scripting programming and use of digital motion sensor technology. A power solution superior to rechargeable and solar options in reliability, replacement cost, increased battery degradation, and increased maintenance requirements.

Value: GPS Web Tracking is dedicated to helping its customers navigate the demands of the current economic climate by delivering powerful efficiency tools which directly affect the bottom line. The ICT is the latest in that effort delivering industry leading functionality while placing an emphasis on cost control measures like custom logic scripting to control bandwidth usage, battery management to minimize replacement costs, and manufacturing partnerships to keep unit costs down.

Efficiency Benefits

The ICT provides owners and operators of intermodal chassis the tools necessary to analyze and optimize the management of their assets through accurate tracking and historical reporting.

Inventory Management: Aids in inventory management by avoiding costly and time consuming hand counts, combating asset loss, and locating and matching chassis with incoming container types for transport.

Increased Productivity: Creates supply chain efficiency through real time dispatching capabilities such as delivery route optimization, accurate pick up and drop off reporting, and curbing unscheduled stops and delays.

Chassis Maintenance: Chassis monitoring allows the syncing of alerts for chassis maintenance and inspection benchmarks mandated by DOT.

Customized Reports: Creates an electronic record for use in driver management, customer service, and legal claims.

Security Benefits

The ICT was designed with to be a key weapon in the defense of high value cargo theft.

Track unauthorized Route Deviations: Real Time GPS Tracking to track location in case of unauthorized route deviations or stops during transit.

Motion Sensor Alerts: Alerts via SMS / email to report unauthorized movement of parked chassis.

Geo-fence Alerts: Alerts via SMS / email to report unauthorized movement of chassis from designated locations.

Case Tamper Alert: Instant alert via SMS / email when removal switch or open case sensor is triggered.

Disabled Vehicle Location: Real time location aids police response time in event of theft or accident.

(ROI) Return On Investment

As in any management tool, its strength lies in its effect on the bottom line. The ICT solution offers strong ROI based on its core strengths.

Lower Insurance Premiums: Lower premiums with ICT's proven theft deterrent and recovery benefits.

Lower Operational Costs: Optimize efficiency with inventory management, time card management and real time dispatching tools.

Lower Maintenance Costs: Extend chassis tire life by limiting excessive wear through speeding and acceleration / deceleration reports and improved driver management.

Lower Legal Fees: Lower legal liability from cargo loss claims, false damage claims and customer disputes.

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